Client Focused Strategies:


Designing the right strategy to fit your needs.


Fundamental Investment Models
Each portfolio is managed using fundamental analysis to construct a portfolio within a client's risk tolerance. By analyzing macroeconomics, fiscal & monetary policy, valuations, earnings and other fundamental data, we gain a more complete picture to make portfolio decisions without sacrificing long-term investment objectives. Focused on lower turnover and long-term thinking, these models tend to stay fully invested for longer periods of time. The strategy will overweight/underweight sectors, market caps, styles and international asset classes when fundamentals dictate.

Tactical Investment Models
Investment decisions are made by using three separate models to construct and manage the portfolio. The tactical model scores conditions based on daily analysis of major global markets and drives the decision to be fully invested or hold higher cash positions. The second model ranks sectors, styles and market caps relative to the S&P 500 Index and allocates to the strongest segments. The third model is fundamentally driven and focuses on analyzing the entire macroeconomic environment. This strategy tends to lean on current market conditions and could produce higher turnover.

Traditional Long-Term Investment Models
Our customized, traditional investment models are created by an investment committee and focused on long-term investing. The objective is to capture market returns in a low-cost, tax efficient way. Frequent buying and selling of investments can increase your taxes and trading costs. Based on a client's risk tolerance and return expectations, we can create the appropriate allocation to meet their needs. For investors simply looking for market exposure, a traditional investment strategy may be appropriate.


Tactical Value Individual Stock Model
Our individual stock tactical model attempts to identify stocks that will outperform based on technical factors impacting the market. The S&P 500 Index represents the largest, most liquid stocks available. Individual positions are capped at 8% of the portfolio, up to a maximum of 10 positions. At times, the portfolio may use exposure of an S&P 500 Index fund to hold market exposure when new positions are not apparent. Portfolio is normally fully invested in stocks but could be reduced and not have any stocks during a declining market. Portfolio is re-evaluated every week and trades could result in higher account commissions and taxes.


Options Overlay Strategies
To better manage risk, some clients employ options to quantify their risk/return exposure. Options can be used to supplement income and reduce concentrated stock positions using a covered call strategy. Covered call strategies involve selling options on the same security owned in the portfolio. Another strategy involves selling puts to enter into positions at a lower price. Working with clients, we can customize the right options strategy.


Individual Bond Ladders
For clients looking for income, we can create a portfolio of individual bonds to target the maturity, coupon, and credit quality to meet their income needs.


Customized Allocations
No two clients are alike. For clients with complex needs, we will create, manage, and evaluate a customized approach to meet their specific objectives.


Whether you are accumulating your wealth or simply trying to preserve it, we will create the right mix of investments to meet your needs.